Edification Project


Our Mission

To increase the odds of our youth living full and productive lives, our goal is to capitalize on the emergence of virtual reality technology to bring more effective education to teens on the dangers of opioid misuse. Our long-term goal is to engage as many students as possible in a more effective, transformative, immersive education and preventive intervention program.

phase one

The aim of Phase 1 of the edification project will be to build and pilot test a theory-driven, evidence-based virtual reality intervention for young teens, aimed at prevention and education pertaining to opioid use, with a particular focus on prescription opioids. The edification project‘s goal is to establish a new standard of efficacy in universal school-based opioid use education and prevention.

Planned Analyses:

  • To demonstrate the feasibility of a learning theory-driven, evidence-based virtual reality experience, aimed at heightening knowledge and framing attitudes toward avoiding the dangers of opioid use among young teens.
  • To demonstrate impact in destigmatizing opioid/substance misuse among young adolescents through enhanced knowledge and understanding of brain-chemistry and addiction science.

phase two

Following pilot testing in Phase 1, Phase 2 will be aimed at large scale implementation and further evaluation, working with community based stakeholders, schools and government entities.